Awarded Films

Best Film The Roundabout Carmen Tortosa Spain
Best Portuguese Film Mudflats Luís Campos Portugal
Best International Film The land beneath our feet Fáuston da Silva Brazil
Best Mobile Film To dust we will return Merli V. Guerra Portugal
Best Short Film Slow Light Kijek/Adamski Poland
Best Micro Film A Fistful of Ground Hermes Mangialardo Italy
Best Nano Film In the Swim Chris Furby United Kingdom
Best Children’s Film The Magnificent Zoey João Brás Portugal
Honorable Mention Digging for Life João Queiroga Cameroon
Honorable Mention The Flight of the Manta Rays Bruno Carnide Portugal

Note: The Best Children’s Film Award was given by the audience of the children’s film competitive session, which took place on April 15, 2023 at 10:15am at the Junta de Freguesia de Custóias.



On March 12, 2023, the jury of the 5th edition of Moinho Cine Fest consisting of Joana Nunes, Luís Miranda and Roberto Merino met online and awarded the following prizes:

🏆 Best Film: “The Roundabout” by Carmen Tortosa, for the way the film shows the impossibility of access to European prosperity by African emigrants, showing them while they wait in the slums and wooden shacks where theylive.

🏆 Best Portuguese Film: ” Mudflats” by Luís Campos, for the way his directing effects a story of an almost hope and an almost family, both made impossible by the difficulties inherent to the lives that have to be made by low paid work.

🏆 Best International Film: “The land beneath our feet” by Fáuston da Silva, for the strong narrative that mixes resistance, struggle and ways of expressing the adverse reality with a strong political statement.

🏆 Best Mobile Film: ” To dust we will return” by Merli V. Guerra, for the quality of its direction, cinematography and editing, showing the body in variations of color and angular arrangements, rooting it to a jagged and luminous space made of earth and stone.

🏆 Best Short Film: “Slow Light” by Kijek/Adamski, for the originality of its narrative and the complexity, variety and technical quality of its animation.

🏆 Best Micro Film: “A Fistful of Ground” by Hermes Mangialardo, for the harsh rawness of its thematic proposal and the way it materializes aesthetically against the war machines that still roam the world.

🏆 Best Nano Film: “In the Swim” by Chris Furby, for the simplicity of its imagetic proposal of a trip and a travelling swam through the lands of the world.

🏆 Honorable Mentions: “Digging for Life” by João Queiroga, for the way in which his direction films, both documental and poetic, a personal story of great ordeal. And ” The Flight of the Manta Rays” by Bruno Carnide, for the quality of its direction and animation, and the way in which both combine the poetry of the movement of the titular blankets to the narrated tribute that the director makes to his great-grandfather (and great-great-grandfather of the narrator, the director’s daughter).