3rd Edition

Best Film Particles Sylvia Borges / Olafur Arnalds Germany
Best Nano Film Camino Fausto E. Celis Mexico
Best Mobile Film The Endanger Beauty Komeil Soheili Iran
Best Portuguese Film Ribeira Pypah Santos Portugal
Best Portuguese Nano Film Generations, Traditions Diogo Figueiredo Portugal
Best Portuguese Mobile Film Selfie Paulo Fajardo Portugal
Best Animation Fowl Goblin Samantha Nortje South Africa
Best Documentary The Shallow Pond Clay Thomas United States of America
Best Experimental Film The Grid Sebastian Bolenius Portugal
Best Fiction Freedom Yuri Sardenberg Brazil
Best Music Video Another Place Anna Radchenko ande Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux / Bastille and Alessia Cara United Kingdom
Best Fashion Film Welcome to Milan Giacomo Boeri and Matteo Grimaldi Italy
Honorable Mention Flower in the Subway Christine Le Clézio South Africa
Honorable Mention Dog’s Life Edoardo Maria Brighenti United Kingdom
Honorable Mention Dassie Kayley Wagner and Abdullah Akram South Africa